Dental benefits are available through a voluntary Retiree dental program insured by Delta Dental. The dental plan requires a separate enrollment, payment of premiums covering the full cost of the coverage and has separate eligibility and termination rules. You can enroll in medical benefits without enrolling in the dental plan.

The Choice is Yours

When it comes to dental health, you want benefits that provide you with the best balance of value and coverage. Delta Dental PPO and DeltaCare® USA both offer comprehensive dental coverage, quality care and excellent customer service. Each plan has its own advantages.

Delta Dental PPO

The PPO plan gives you the freedom to choose any dentist, and the opportunity for meaningful savings on your treatment costs when you visit a PPO dentist.

DeltaCare® USA

With a DeltaCare USA plan, when you receive a treatment from your assigned dentist you have the convenience of knowing what your copayment is for covered procedures before you visit.

Retiree Dental Enrollment Information

Retiree Dental Evidence of Coverage for Retired Participants who have No Lapse in Coverage

Retiree Dental Evidence of Coverage for Retired Participants with a Lapse in Coverage

Retiree DeltaCare HMO Evidence of Coverage

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