Personalized Support for Autism Caregivers

Caring for a loved one with autism spectrum disorder can feel overwhelming. Every person diagnosed with this condition has their own unique challenges and strengths. In addition, most people with autism require a high level of care.


Your Members Assistance Program (MAP) offers a wide range of support and resources, available at no extra cost, to help caregivers:

  • Learn about autism spectrum disorder.
  • Connect with resources and services.
  • Build a support network.
  • Be an advocate for your loved one.
  • Take care of your own needs.


These resources can help you better understand autism and find the support you need to care for a loved one.

Professional Counseling

Caregivers can connect with a licensed professional counselor for confidential online or in-person sessions.

Educational Podcasts

Learn more by listening to brief, educational podcasts from our licensed professional counselors.

Online Support

Search for “autism” on the website to read articles that can help you and your loved ones.

Your MAP is here to help, 24/7

There are multiple ways to find support:

  • Call 1-800-999-7222.
  • Go to and enter your company name: Carpenters Trust.


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