Carpenters 401(k)


Elective employee 401(k) wage deferral withholdings are to be remitted to the Fund Office once withheld from an employees paycheck.

Reporting 401(k) Contributions

Reporting 401(k) contributions for eligible employees is easy to do and can even be done through our Online Employer Reporting system.

Withheld contributions are to be forwarded to the Trust Fund weekly. In the event contributions withheld are not received by the Trust Fund within the IRS mandated period of time, delinquent contributions are subject to:

  • Liquidated damages
  • Assessment of lost investment earnings owed to 401(k) Plan participants
  • Any excise tax penalty that may be assessed on the Employer by the Internal Revenue Service or Department of Labor

For more information on reporting 401(k) contributions or to setup an Online Employer Reporting account, contact us at

Reminder Regarding Reporting Requirements

Increases in the Maximum Elective Deferrals

Where to Send Payments:

All 401(k) reports and payments should be mailed to:

PO BOX 882134

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