Flat Rate

Employer open enrollment for the Flat Rate Plan is the month of November, for a January 1 effective date. An exception to this is if you can provide documentation that you’ve been purchasing coverage for your non-bargaining unit employees elsewhere, you can apply to join the plan later on February 1. Requests outside the open enrollment period must be approved by the Plan Administrator.

Effective January 1, 2024, the price for the Flat Rate Plan is $1,889.25 per employee, per month. This will cover your full time non-bargaining unit employees and their dependent spouse or domestic partner (there is an additional charge to the employee for domestic partners) and their dependent children up until their 26th birthday.

About the Plan

Our Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Plans B and Flat Rate compares the two plans your employees will be able to choose from Kaiser (HMO) or the Indemnity Medical Plan (PPO). Employees must live in a Kaiser area if enrolling in Kaiser. The plan rules and regulations are available here: Summary Plan Description/Rules & Regulations - Active Plans (A, B, R, Flat Rate). Hard copies are available upon request.

If you decide to sign up as a Flat Rate Employer

You as the employer will need to complete a Flat Rate Subscribers Agreement. This is available online here: Flat Rate Subscriber Agreement

Your employees will need to each complete an Enrollment Form, which is available online here: Enrollment Form. Additional forms are required if someone is interested in enrolling a Domestic Partner. If you are enrolling, your subscriber agreement should be sent in as soon as possible and the enrollment forms can be sent in either all at the same time, or as they’re completed by your employees. To add a spouse we require a photocopy of the certified marriage certificate and to add dependent children we require a photocopy of each child’s certified birth certificate.

If you have any questions after reviewing this information feel free to contact our Benefit Services Department at (888) 547-2054 or benefitservices@carpenterfunds.com.

Flat Rate Subscriber Agreement

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Plans B and Flat Rate

Summary Plan Description/Rules & Regulations - Active Plans (A, B, R, Flat Rate)

Participant Enrollment Form

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