A New Tool for You from Carpenters Health and Welfare: headversity

Your Carpenters Health Plan is pleased to announce a new partnership with headversity, a personalized, private and convenient resilience training app available to all eligible Participants and Dependents.

We understand and appreciate that the past year has brought hardship and uncertainty.  Beyond our physical safety, our mental health has taken a toll, and our resilience has been put to the test.  Your mental health and wellbeing is important, and Carpenter Funds wants to support you in this journey. We hope that you will take advantage of this free tool!

If you haven't yet joined, doing so is easy!

To access this free supportive app:
1. Simply download headversity on the App Store or Google Play

2. Enter invite codeNCCARP

We invite you to view a quick video introduction from 
headversity's CEO, Dr. Ryan Todd for more information.


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