A Message from Your Trust Fund

April 30, 2020

Thank you for your continued patience during these challenging times.

Our lobby remains closed to the public for in-person service, but online and limited phone services are currently available.

In addition to your emails and faxes, we are still processing your Forms, Applications and other documents delivered to us through a mail service.

The Participant Portal: Your Benefits Dashboard

We encourage you to visit our secure Participant Portal to view your Participant Benefit Dashboard. Your dashboard answers many benefit questions like:

  • Am I currently eligible for health coverage?
  • What is the balance in my Vacation, Holiday and Sick Leave Account? If you’re already enrolled in Direct Deposit for your Vacation/Sick leave benefits you can request a rapid payout from your Vacation/Sick Leave account online.
  • Am I Vested for my Pension? How many Credits do I have? What’s my projected monthly benefit?
  • What’s my Annuity Account balance?
  • What’s my 401(k) Account balance?


Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to our portal, we also have a library of Frequently Asked Questions to help answer your Benefit questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to Help

If you cannot address your benefits questions via the Participant Portal or the website FAQs, please send us an email at benefitservices@carpenterfunds.com or call us at (888) 547-2054 for further assistance.

Phone service remains limited, so we appreciate your patience.

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