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Terms of Use/Disclaimer

Any and all use of this web site is conditional. Use requires your acceptance of the following terms of use.

The Trustees of the Carpenter Funds have authorized this web site for the sole purpose of providing easier access to Plan Participants about various benefit programs. The information contained herein is deemed to be generally reliable. However, no information provided to Participants in any medium, including this web site, overrules the official Plan Rules and Regulations and/or documents.

Only the full Board of Trustees of each individual Fund is authorized to interpret the various Plans. The Boards have discretion to decide all questions about the Plans, including questions about eligibility for benefits and the amount of benefits payable. No individual Trustee, Employer or union representative, web site, and/or individual has authority to interpret these Plans on behalf of the Boards or to act as an agent of the Boards.

The Boards have authorized the Fund Office to respond in writing to written questions. If you have a question about your benefits, you should write to the Fund Office for a definitive answer. As a courtesy to you, the Fund Office may respond informally to oral questions, or provide web site information. However, oral and/or web site information and answers are not binding upon the Boards of Trustees and cannot be relied on in any dispute concerning your benefits.

Plan Rules and benefits change from time to time. The official Plan documents will determine answers and interpretations on benefit issues and effective dates. Information posted on this web site is for convenience only, and no claim regarding accuracy, completeness or reliability is made.

As a further convenience, some links to other web sites are provided. Such links are not intended as an endorsement of any other site or the information contained on those sites. The Carpenter Funds are not responsible for the content of any other web site, and any person who relies on the information contained on any such site does so with the understanding that such information may not be accurate or correct. No information on any other linked site replaces official Plan documents.

The Carpenterfunds.com web site contains general educational information about benefit plans and issues. The site does not contain any advice such as legal, financial planning, tax or professional advice. This web site is provided for educational purposes and the Trustees recommend that Plan Participants engage the service of qualified professionals in medical, legal, or financial matters requiring advice.