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The Carpenters Vacation and Holiday Trust Fund for Northern California was established May 1972 for the purpose of providing paid vacation and holidays.

Only the full Board of Trustees:

  • is authorized to interpret the Plan Rules and Regulations;
  • has the authority to modify or change the rules of the Plan;
  • may give binding answers, and then only if you have furnished full and accurate information concerning your situation in writing;
  • shall be the sole judge of the standard of proof required in any case and the application and interpretation of this Plan;
  • shall render decisions final and binding on all parties, subject only to such judicial review as may be in harmony with federal labor policy

No Employer or Union nor any representative of any Employer or Union is authorized to interpret the Plan on behalf of the Board -- nor can these persons act as an agent of the Board of Trustees. Benefits are paid in accordance with the Plan Rules and Regulations. All other documents, including the Summary Plan Description, are interpretations of the Plan Rules, and in the event of a discrepancy, the Plan Rules prevail.

Contributions received by the Fund for hours worked between August 1 and July 31 the following year are paid to the participant the following January 31st.

Early payouts are available to an eligible Participant, provided that he or she has been a Plan Participant for at least 12 months. See the Early Withdrawal Application for more information.

For more information regarding vacation monies in suspense or the work fee, please contact the Trust Fund Office.

Claiming Benefits: If the amount in your Vacation and Holiday account is not distributed within five years due to the lack of a correct address or for any other reason, or if you fail to cash a benefit check once issued within a five year period, the amount will be deemed to have been contributed by you to the Vacation Fund to be used for purposes of providing Plan benefits to other participants and their beneficiaries. These purposes include defraying the cost of maintaining the Vacation and Holiday Plan, or providing benefits to participants who would otherwise be deprived of benefits because of the failure of an employer to remit required contributions to the Fund.

However, if after your benefit was deemed to have been contributed to the Fund, you or in the case of your death, your beneficiaries, are able to establish to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees that there is a valid claim for unpaid vacation benefits, and provide any requested documentation in support of that claim, the unpaid vacation benefits will be paid to you or your beneficiary. The Trust Fund will pay any replacement benefits at face value of the original vacation benefit without interest, minus reasonable expenses.

If the Fund is unable to contact you, provided that your unpaid account balance is $150 or more, reasonable efforts will be made in attempt to locate you or your beneficiary. Such efforts will include notices of uncashed benefit payments and communications with the Union, your employer, and hiring a locator service who has access to a variety of sources to obtain a current address. In recognition of the cost of such efforts to locate you, the Plan will assess your individual account a reasonable expense charge for finding you.

If your claim for a benefit is denied, you have the right to appeal the benefit denial to the Board of Trustees by following the appeal procedures described below. These procedures are intended to provide you with a full and fair review of your claim and benefit denial decision.

  1. A petition for review shall be in writing, shall state in clear and concise terms the reason or reasons for disputing the denial, shall be accompanied by any pertinent documentary material not already furnished to the Fund, and shall be filed by the petitioner or his duly authorized representative with the Secretary of the Board within 60 days after the petitioner received notice of the denial. The petitioner or his duly authorized representative shall be permitted to review pertinent documents and submit issues and comments in writing.

  2. Upon good cause shown, the Board shall permit the petition to be amended or supplemented and shall grant a hearing on the petition before a hearing panel consisting of at least one Employer Trustee and one Employee Trustee to receive and hear any evidence or argument. The failure to file a petition to review within such 60-day period, shall constitute a waiver of the claimant's right to review of the denial, provided that the Board may relieve a claimant of any such waiver for good cause if application for such relief is made within one year after the date shown on the notice of denial.

  3. A decision by the Board shall be made no later than the date of the quarterly meeting of the Trustees or committee that immediately follows the Plan's receipt of the request. A decision shall be rendered as soon as possible, but not later than 120 days after receipt of the petition for review. The petitioner shall be advised of the Board's decision in writing. The decision shall include specific reasons for the decision, written in a manner calculated to be understood by the petitioner, and specific references to the pertinent Plan provisions on which the decision is based.

If you decide to appeal a denial by requesting a review as described above, your appeal should be sent to:

Board of Trustees
Carpenters Vacation and Holiday Trust Fund for Northern California
PO Box 2380
Oakland, CA 94614


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